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sweet pea sessions are like curly fries!? | mahomet family photographer

When I got a call from this beautiful mom to book a family photography session, she told me how she recently realized how important it is to capture images that show the relationship between parents and their children… Her profession brings her in contact with many families experiencing the loss of a loved one, and she knows through experience how important it is to document these relationships we value – because they sometimes end suddenly. So during our time together at her home in Mahomet, we made some fun memories and captured them forever… and proof that we did just that? I got this email from them after the session: “Wanted to thank you again for your patience and creativity with all of us!! Cora told me after you left (and she was eating dinner) that “normal” photo shoots were like “this kernel of corn…kinda boring and blah but the session we just had was like this curly fry…fun with all kinds of twists”. So there you go…betcha never been compared to a curly fry before!!”  Haha!! Thanks you guys!

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